Order ArcadeBuilder
(Game Portal Manager v1.7 + 2200 Games)

If you need a hosting service to setup your ArcadeBuilder powered site,
we suggest to 
HostGator Baby Plan (or larger) which meets all requirements.
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   ArcadeBuilder GPM v1.7  - (Download Only)
   (includes 250 Games in 8 categories)

$ 47

   ArcadeBuilder GPM v1.7 + Installation (No Download, we install)
   (includes 250 Games in 8 categories)

$ 67

   ArcadeBuilder GPM v1.7 with 250 Games + Installation + 16 Weekly
   Game Pack Updates  (125 games each  =  2000 total extra games)

$ 97

Hosting requirements:
Unix server, PHP 4.x version, MySQL databse,
Apache mod_rewrite module (optional for Friendly URLs)

All payments processed by PayPal.
When buying ArcadeBuilder´┐Żs products you agree with these
Terms of Use


For option 1 (download only) you will receive a Download Link within 24hs after your payment being validated. If you have any question, contact us at web@arcadebuilder.net


If you are purchasing any of the installed packs, please provide your FTP login details to proceed with your installation, we will also need a clean MySQL database so provide us your database name, user and password or let us create it through your control panel.
Send your server info to 
web@arcadebuilder.net so we can schedule your installation.
Of course, you can change any default password later when we finish the installation for your security.


Copy the text below and fill it with your info, then email it to us

FTP host or IP address:
FTP login username:
FTP password:
URL/Domain to be installed on (i.e.
http://domain.com/) :
Server path to the installation folder (i.e. /home/path/public_html/):
Mysql Database name:
Mysql Username:
Mysql Password:
Mysql Host (usually localhost):
Or you may give us your control panel login and we will create FTP and MySQL account ourselves


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